Are Chow Chows Good with Cats? Do They Get Along?

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Chow Chows have been around for approximately 3,000 years. They look cute, they have a strangely-colored tongue, and they don’t mix well with water. Chow Chows can be great companions, especially to those who want a dog that’s easy to look after.

However, you may not be aware that this ancient breed of canine can be a little stand-offish when it comes to furry felines. Don’t worry, I can help you make sure your Chow Chow is more likely to get along with your cat. 


Do Chow Chows and cats get along?

As a general rule, any breed of dog that’s introduced to a cat as a puppy can become used to felines.  However, if your cat happens to be a particularly feisty one, your Chow Chow may not appreciate it. Chow Chows are notorious for being less rough-and-tumble than many other dog breeds are.

It’s just in their nature to be this way, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. If you want a well-behaved dog, a Chow Chow could be the breed for you. Just be aware that they are natural hunters, even though they want to play less than some other breeds. 

If you’ve never owned this breed of dog before, you should be aware that they can be quite stubborn. While Chow Chows may look a lot like a teddy bear, they’re not always as cute as they seem. Some people even compare a Chow Chows temperament to that of a cat. In other words, you could end up with a larger four-legged friend who’s just as temperamental as your kitty. 

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How to introduce a Chow Chow to a cat

When I wanted to introduce my big ball of fluff to my smaller ball of fluff, I knew I had work to do. 

If you want to bring a Chow Chow into a home where a cat already lives, you will need to be careful. Remember, your cat will assume that the home is theirs. They will also assume that this new big ball of fluff is barging its way in, ready to take control. If you’re not careful, you could have a fight on your hands. 

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Getting your cat used to your Chow Chow 

I’ve found that the best way to get your kitty used to a Chow Chow is to introduce it slowly. Putting my dog in a crate for 10-15 minutes in a neutral room helps. I bought my cat, Daisy, into the room and let her meet Clive. Daisy sniffed around, and generally got used to Clive each time he was in the room and always in the crate. The relative safety of the crate meant Clive could not touch Daisy as she explored his scent. 

Putting your Chow Chow in a crate can help him or her understand that your cat has a right to be in the same house. They might not like this idea at first, but they will get used to your cat. 

Introducing your Chow Chow this way can make a world of difference. I recommend that you use this method at least 3 times a day. Sooner or later, both your cat and new dog will get used to each other. You’ll know when your cat is used to your Chow Chow when he or she pays your canine little to no attention. 

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How can I help my Chow Chow and cat get along?

Your Chow Chow and cat will (hopefully) learn to accept each other. However, you cannot be too laid back about any progress you’ve made. Remember, your Chow Chow is a natural hunter and he or she might want to hunt your kitty.

So, give your kitty someplace to go so they can be safe. I like to use a baby gate in this instance. A gate such as this allows me to block off one of my rooms so Daisy can escape should she feel the need. Daisy occasionally also likes to taunt Clive from the other side of the baby gate, but that’s cats for you! 

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Check out your Chow Chow first 

One of the best things you can do is to check out your Chow Chow first. You need to meet a potential pet before you decide to take them home. Some Chow Chows might be great with cats and other pets, other Chow Chows might not be. If there’s a risk that your potential new Chow Chow isn’t going to get on with your pets, look elsewhere. A more relaxed teddy bear-like pooch will be easier to train and easier to live with. 

Spay or neuter your Chow Chow 

Spaying or neutering your Chow Chow as soon as you can can help to prevent them from becoming aggressive. This is especially important if you have other dogs at home. It can useful if it helps to prevent spraying around your home which can attract other dogs. 

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What are Chow Chows like with other pets?

Chow Chows can be socialized with other pets relatively easily when they’re still a puppy. You can have almost any animal in the same room as your pooch and they will socialize with them without many issues. Just make sure you’re there to keep an eye on things. If you spot any issues, it might be worth continuing to introduce your new Chow Chow slowly but surely. 

Chow Chows, as we have already established, are hunters. Training their hunting instincts out of them while they’re still young is essential.  If you’re bringing an older Chow Chow into a home with other pets, things can get tricky. Consider placing your Chow Chow in a crate for 15 minutes, three times a day as mentioned above.

If you have a lot of pets, this process could take a little longer than you expect. However, consistency is key and you should ensure your big ball of fluff gets used to its feathered or furry siblings and vice versa before you can consider leaving them on their own.