Are Shiba Inus lazy or are They Just Bored?

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Shiba Inus are delightful dogs with their own personalities. They seem to be conspiring a lot of the time, or perhaps that’s just my perception of my pup. Originally bred as hunting dogs, Shiba Inus were, at one point, almost extinct. Now, they seem to be the hound to have. 


Are Shiba Inus lazy?

As a whole, Shiba Inus are pretty smart dogs, and they want to be involved in just about everything. This beautiful breed of dog can appear to be lazy, but this typically happens when they’re bored.  If your four-legged friend seems to be bored, it’s a sign that something is probably wrong. 

My Shiba Inu Simba wants to be involved in as much as possible, all of the time. He’s a young dog that needs to be entertained as much as a young child does. My cat, fluffy, looks on in disdain as Simba appears to have all the energy in the world. Fluffy wants quiet, Simba wants to play. 

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Do Shiba Inus hate walks?

While most dogs seem to love walks, Shiba Inus seem to detest them. When I owned a Labrador, he would happily go for a walk all day, every day. Simba, on the other hand, is quite the opposite. He does not want to go for a walk twice a day. He wants to go for a very short walk once a day if that.

Unless you’ve not noticed by now, Shiba Inus can be quite stubborn. This is what makes them so adorable at times. 

Ideally, your Shiba should be walked for 45 minutes to an hour every day. Try to make sure you stick to the same schedule day-in, day-out so they know what’s happening and when. 

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The good news is that if your Shiba is still a puppy, you can train him or her to enjoy walks. When you’re out on a walk with your Shiba, occasionally give them treats

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Is your Shiba Inu bored?

If your Shiba Inu is bored, they will appear disinterested or lazy. Try to give your adorable hound their favorite toy. If they’re not interested in it, it means they’re bored. 

My Shiba Inu Simba barks now and again. This is usually a sign that he wants a bit of attention. The best way for me to remedy his barking is to give him exactly what he wants. Sometimes a huge cuddle will do the trick (he’s a bit of a softy), and other times he wants me to get his pull toys and enjoy a pretend fight. 

A great way to avoid your funny four-legged friends from getting bored is to take them everywhere. This is perhaps the very best thing you can do. If all Shiba Inus are like Simba, they’ll want to go everywhere as much as possible. 

Want a bit of quiet time in front of the TV? Throw them one of their toys. This can be enough to keep Simba occupied while I catch up with my favorite television shows. 

Do Shiba Inu sleep a lot?

The easiest answer to this question is “Yes”. Your Shiba Inu’s ancestors may have originally been bred to hunt, but your pup might have forgotten about this. Shiba Inus are well-known to sleep as much as they can. Simba will happily sleep up to 16 hours a day if I let him. This is an impressive amount of sleep that only my cat Fluffy can compete with! 

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If your silly Shiba sleeps many hours a day, you should know that it’s nothing to be concerned about. As soon as they turn 2 years old, just about every Shiba Inu will decide that it loves to sleep. 


What to do when your Shiba Inu refuses to go out

Just about every Shiba Inu’s owner will tell you that they don’t like to go out. This beautiful breed of dog can be stubborn and have no desire to spend time in the outside world. This is perfectly normal, at least for a Shiba Inu, in any case. 

One of the first things you can do to encourage your obstropolous hound is to familiarize them with their leash. Check that their feet are ok and they’re not injured. Then, use some verbal commands. Tell your dog to sit as you put their leash on them and keep it short. Stay still so your Shiba waits for you to walk, and then start moving. Pick up your pace, and walk your Shiba Inu every day. 

Sooner or later your pooch will get used to being walked daily. Just make sure they have no more than an hour outside each day as this is plenty for them. Simba likes to walk for about 45 minutes once a day, and he’s happy with that. If Simba’s happy, I’m happy.