Can Chow Chows Be Left Alone?

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I have a pair of gorgeous chow chows. They are friendly, cute, quiet, and don’t require much attention as other breeds do. It feels as if I’m living with two mature adults wandering in my flat, without upsetting my vindictive landlady, whose eyes are always on the state of my present actions. 

I should emphasize that my Chow Chows are loyal watchdogs by nature, perhaps more so than any of our friends. It is when you are with them that you know you are with supportive, reliable pals. But what about leaving our supportive, kind pals home alone? 

As a general rule, no one should ever leave any pet alone at home. They have emotions you can’t play with. I said it because whenever I get into my apartment, they are the only ones to greet me. Anyone who goes to a job or has regular work to do can relate to my feelings. 

But yes, there are exceptions to this. You can leave them home alone if you don’t have any other options to opt for. For instance, you have to go to a friend’s wedding party at night after work.


Can I Leave My Chow Chow Home Alone?

Adult Chow Chows grow very comfortable on their own without any companionship for extended amounts of time as they get older. But in the case of puppies, it becomes something you need to watch out for. 

While young, they demand attention and may need to be trained to defecate in the litter box (you surely won’t want them to poop on your living room’s floor, haha). However, in the case of adults, you may entirely rely on them owing to their well-trained ethical behavior. I, too, do.

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But, the question is, for how long?

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How Long Can You Leave Chow Chow Alone?

According to the American Kennel Club, it is advised to never leave a Chow Chow at home alone for more than 8 hours. Every breed has a separate personality and needs different treatment based on their likes and dislikes. 

It’s not only about the breed; it’s about individual preferences they have. Some Chow Chows like to be loved almost most of the time, but some would just prefer to have space. 

With my experience of petting them, I would suggest behaving as they want you to or being respectful of their needs. It will help them to stay safe from depressive states and feelings like abandonment. 

If in case your time out is more than 8 hours, you surely can leave them at your friend’s house or ask some of your friends to come over and look after your Chow Chow while you are away for your commitments.

You can even train chow chows to adjust to your schedule to develop a connection at a deep understanding level so that they understand that you will be available at home when you get free from work. And yes, some pets do understand your helplessness in such cases.

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Can A Chow Chow Live In An Apartment?

Chow Chows seem like outdoor dogs but trust me, they love to stay indoors as much as cats do. Their independent nature and fierce personalities can survive apartments without any hassle. As I said, they are more cat-like, they don’t love to move a lot, so it means you will find them mostly free.

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They are like introverts; thus, they interact with anonymous people less than the other breeds. Overall there is no problem keeping them in an apartment unless it’s about their hairs, yeah, their fluffy furry hairs. The shredding factor is quite heavy, so proper maintenance can help you with all the cleaning you need. 

How To Entertain Your Chow Chow When They’re Alone?

You may do numerous things for your Chow Chow’s entertainment if you do not live in an apartment.

I used to construct a long playground net around my mother’s home in the yard and add ramps, treibballs, and tunnels so my mum’s Chow Chow could play freely on his own while we were away. That net also ensured that no strangers entered the Chow Chow’s play area.

But if you live in an apartment, you may engage your Chow Chow in various ways, such as by giving them toys they enjoy. You can also hide their favorite toys, so they have to look all around the house for them. Most Chow Chows like to play indoors with balls, self-amusement toys, comforting toys, or interactive toys.

If you have a single Chow Chow, then just make sure to buy a companion for it. I mean, why should you not? If you can not be with them, having another pet would help them enjoy the moment independently. They will find entertainment in their company, and so you won’t be worried about them being lonely at home at all.