Can Chow Chows Eat Bones?

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From comic books to cartoons, all media sources have made us believe that a dog and a bone is a classic pairing. And even, in reality, dogs love bones. The natural desire of chewing in all dogs makes bones very satisfying. And bones do contain many nutrients which can help your dog in his growth and health improvement.

But, as a general rule, bone chewing in Chow Chows isn’t always safe. It may result in injuries, choking, or something even worse. However, if you learn which bones to give to your Chow, and in total how much should be given, you can make it safe. Certain bones are ideal for a Chow Chow and will also be nutritionally beneficial. Carry on reading to find out more!


Can Chow Chows Eat bones? Are they safe?

Chewing bones comes with many benefits. It is a source of mental stimulation and also helps release saliva enzymes that can prevent plaque from building up in your Chow’s teeth. With a bone in its mouth, a Chow Chow is much less likely to scratch or lick his paws. Of course, chewing bones isn’t entirely safe but following some simple rules can make it so.

If you want to make sure that chewing doesn’t damage your Chow, you can do so by ensuring you feed him the right kind of bone, in the right way. Hence, before handing a bone over to your dogs, read on to learn more.

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What are the benefits of my Chow Chow eating bones?

There are many benefits of feeding your Chow Chow bones. If you don’t brush your dog’s teeth regularly, tartar might start to develop on its back molars. When excess tartar starts building, it can cause bad breath, gum damage, and even cavities. 

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Letting your dog chew on bones might help you avoid a trip to the dentist. After your dog has had a full meal, chewing on a bone will help stimulate the saliva enzymes. This will aid in removing food particles from its teeth and maintain your Chow’s pearly white smile.

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For growth, all mammals need calcium, and bones are wholly made of calcium phosphate. This ensures that chewing on bones will make your Chow grow. The calcium in bones is also easily digestible, which prevents digestive issues. A good calcium intake is a key to a dog’s healthy skeletal growth.

Chows tend to exhibit destructive behavior, like scratching, licking, and chewing unwanted things. Many dog owners complain their Chows leave chew marks all over their place, from pillows to their shoes. But a bone in a dog’s mouth can prevent this kind of behavior by providing a distraction.

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What type of bones can I feed to Chow Chows?

To know which bones to feed to your Chow, you have to understand which bones to steer clear from. Any bone smaller than your Chow’s mouth has the risk of being swallowed. Bones that easily crack might splinter in your dog’s mouth and can cause injuries, like pork bones. Cooked bones also have the same issue.

Recreational raw bones and edible bones, both can be chewed on by your Chow. Recreational raw bones are big chunks of bison fumer or hip bones, that have almost no nutritional value and are meant for gnawing only. Edible bones are soft and pliable and usually come from birds. These include chicken and turkey wings. They have high percentages of calcium and excellent nutritional value.

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What are the possible side effects of my Chow Chow eating bones?

Bones consist of bone marrow, which is generally considered to be very healthy. It is a nutritious food with an extremely high-fat content. That is why it is very dangerous for dogs to eat as their bodies aren’t built for such a high-calorie intake. Excessive fat intake can cause inflammation in the pancreas, called pancreatitis. 

To protect your Chow from this disease, avoid giving it bones with bone marrow. If your Chow has stomach problems, bone marrow can worsen that by causing diarrhea, stomach aches, and irritable bowel syndrome. This will lead to immense discomfort for your Chow. 

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How many times should I feed my Chow Chow bones?

It is generally believed that one to two bones per week is ideal for a dog. But every dog is different and has different nutritional needs. It is important to notice that every dog, even of the same breed, has different requirements. This is something your vet can guide you after looking upon your Chow’s nutritional needs.

What is the best way to serve bones to your Chow Chow?

There are two best ways to feed bones to your dog. If you want to feed your Chow bones for their nutritional value, grind them up and add them to its food. That way you can avoid any injuries caused by sharp bones. If you want to keep your chow distracted, give him a large raw bone, that he wouldn’t be able to swallow or crack.