Can Chow Chows Eat Chicken?

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When keeping a pet, it is of utmost importance to know about their dietary requirements, as well as any allergies and intolerances they might have towards specific foods. You’d be surprised to know that certain dog breeds are intolerant to particular foods, which is why we should have full knowledge of what food to feed them with.

Chicken, in most cases, is a dog’s favorite meal. But, is it healthy and suitable for Chow Chows? Look no further, as in this topic, I am going to tell you everything you need to know about feeding your Chow Chow chicken if the chicken is actually good for them, how you can prepare their meals using chicken, as well as some ideal alternatives for your furry friend. Continue reading!


Can Chow Chows Eat Chicken?

Thinking of preparing a whole meal of chicken for your adorable Chow Chow, and wondering whether it is actually going to eat it or not? Well, let me get one fact straight- Chow Chows actually do eat chicken! They like being fed chicken, and they will definitely devour any chicken meal you prepare for them.

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On average, their fondness for chicken can depend on particular situations and circumstances. For instance, maybe they’ve been eating chicken for a long period of time and they want something different this time. Moreover, it can also depend on the kind of chicken, such as how juicy and tasty it is. 

Just make sure your Chow Chow does not have any allergies or intolerances towards chickens. other than that, you’re good to go!

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Is Chicken Good for Chow Chows?

Chicken is one of the most healthy and nutritional options for your Chow Chow’s diet. This is why it is one of the main ingredients used in processed dog food. Chickens are high in protein, which is basically the building block of your Chow Chow’s body. Moreover, this protein is also imperative for your dog’s muscle, fur growth, skin, and other organs of its body

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Chicken has a high content of fat as well, which is important for your Chow Chow’s health. They are also the main source of energy for your dog and are also crucial to providing insulation and cushion. 

The content of fat in this chicken also helps prevent obesity in dogs and also helps eliminate the risks of diabetes, arthritis, cancer, and many other diseases.

There are numerous amounts of vitamins and other minerals found in chicken as well, which make it a complete meal for your furry canine. With all these nutrients in the right quantities, your Chow Chow will have a healthy metabolism, immunity, and nerve function.

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Is there a special way to Prepare Chicken for Chow Chows?

Looking for the perfect way or preparing chicken for your Chow Chows? Let me tell you how I prepare chicken for my adorable Chow Chows, which aren’t only healthy, but flavourful as well. 

What I generally do is get my hands on 3 chicken breasts, particularly boneless and skinless. Then, I transfer this chicken into a medium-sized cooking pot and fill it with water. Also remember not to add any seasonings to the chicken, as your canine might get sick!

Then, just boil the chicken breasts for a minimum of 12 minutes of high flame to make sure it is fully cooked. Take it out when it is fully cooked, and then shred them into small pieces when it has cooled down.

Now, just give these chicken pieces as they are to your Chow Chow as treats, or just add them to their regular meal! Your Chow Chow will love this. Also, you can choose to bake, roast, and poach this chicken as well. It is totally up to you!

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Can Chow Chows eat raw chicken?

Yes, Chow Chows can eat raw chicken. However, the best and ideal way to feed chicken to your dogs is to cook them. Why? This is because cooking chicken helps eliminate any germs that might be present in the chicken, and also lessens the risk of salmonella and other dangerous bacterial infections.

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What are the Protein Alternatives for Chow Chows?

In case your Chow Chow is allergic or intolerant towards chicken, or you want a change in its diet, then I have some ideal protein alternatives for your furry friend.

There are numerous protein alternatives you can give to your Chow Chows. You can give your Chow Chow Beef, Pork, Turkey, and even eggs as substitutes for chicken. All of these poultry edibles are high in protein and are just as healthy as chicken is for your dog.

If you’re willing to add seafood to your Chow Chow’s diet, then fish and shrimps would do the job.

As a general rule, no matter what protein or chicken substitute you go for, always remember to fully cook them in order to get rid of any bacteria or germs that might be harmful to your canine. Moreover, always consider deboning them, so that your furry friend does not harm itself by choking on them accidentally.