Do Chow Chows Bark a Lot? All You Need to Know

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Chow Chows are adorable canines. But, like any other dog, you must be fully aware of the traits and characteristics of each dog, especially if we talk about barking.

Does your Chow Chow’s constant barking make you crabby, irritable, and worrisome at times? 

Well, fret no more. In this article, I am going to tell you all you need to know about Chow Chows and why they bark all the time, possible reasons why your dog must be barking, and some personal tips of mine you can use to stop your Chow Chow from barking.


Do chow chows bark a lot?

Dogs that are smaller in size are thought to bark more than usual. But, this isn’t the same case for Chow Chows.

Let me get one fact straight- Chow Chows aren’t really that big of barkers. Of course, they do bark, after all, they are a canine! But, they only bark at specific things, people, and in specific situations. Also, they aren’t known to be loud dogs either.

Now, how much Chow Chows actually bark depends on each individual dog. It depends on their personality, and your own perception as well. For instance, some people might find their Chow Chows barking a lot, while others might not.

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Why do chow chows bark?

Just like I mentioned before, Chow Chows don’t really bark unnecessarily, unless it’s for specific reasons or purposes.  Here are a few common reasons why Chow Chows usually bark:

To be protective

Chow Chows are very protective dogs by nature. This is the reason why they make great family dogs. 

Chow Chows will do anything to protect their family, their territory, and even scare off any intruders. So, if your furry canine smells someone unfamiliar or unknown, they definitely will bark. 

Did you know that this dog breed’s smell is 1000 times as strong as ours? Thus, it is totally possible for your adorable friend to pick some unusual scent!

These canines also bark more when they feel a hazard approaching closer. So, if you notice your Chow Chow being louder than usual, be mindful that his protective nature might be the cause.

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They are scared or feeling anxious

If there’s something making your Chow Chow feel frightened or anxious, then it is definitely going to bark louder and more than normal. This can even be anything loud they heard.

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For instance, my Chow Chow always gets scared when it’s pouring heavily and there’s thunder. The loud thunder always makes my adorable canine intimidated, which is why he barks louder.

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They might be feeling lonely

Chow Chows are pack animals. If they are left alone for long periods of time, they can ultimately start feeling sad and suffer from extreme separation anxiety. Because of this, they can end up barking more, especially if left totally alone in the house.

They might be seeking attention

Just like every other dog, Chow Chow may bark in order to get its owner’s attention. Now, this might be just to get attention, or to play, go for a walk outside, anything!

To welcome you or play with you

Chow Chows bark more than usual when they’re meeting new people. But, this doesn’t mean your canine is showing his assertiveness and aggression that way. That’s just his way of showing affection, that too with its wagging tail! The same goes for when it is playing with you.

Why does my chow chow bark all the time?

I’ve listed out the possible reasons why your Chow Chow might be barking more than often. But, if you notice your furry friend be barking, other than those reasons listed above, then there must be other significant reasons.

Chow Chows need to be raised properly. What do I mean by “properly”? Well, because Chow Chows are social and family dogs, they need proper socialization. 

This socialization should be done when your Chow Chow is still a puppy. He must be introduced to people so that he gets familiar with others other than your own family.

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Moreover, it is also highly crucial to give enough attention and love to your Chow Chow. If you fail to do so, your Chow Chow will grow up to be more aggressive and hostile. The end result? It will bark more than usual.

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How can I stop my chow chow from barking?

Here’s good news- it is entirely possible to stop your Chow Chow from barking! Here are some tips you could use, which I found extremely helpful too, to stop your adorable, fluffy companion to stop barking too much:

Identify and remove the trigger

If your Chow Chow is barking at possible threats or danger, then you must consider finding out the reason. For instance, if it’s barking because of the garage door being left open, then close it immediately. By taking such instant actions, you will be preventing your Chow Chow from seeing things that are causing those barking temptations.

Regular physical activity

Physical activity and exercise are crucial for any dog, and Chow Chows aren’t any different. What you must do is arrange some physical activity for your dog on a regular basis. 

This can be regular walks in the park, or even playing fetch. This way, your canine is going to lose most of its energy that has been built up. Your Chow Chow will definitely stop barking once it’s tired!

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Ignore their barking

Giving more attention than usual to any dog is of no good. This way, your canine can develop bad and undesirable habits later on in the future. Therefore, in case your Chow Chow is barking unnecessarily, try not responding to them. 

Ignore them for a while, until they become quiet. When they do, reward them by offering a treat. This positive reinforcement will certainly eliminate this undesirable behavior.

That’s exactly what I used to do with my Chow Chow. It used to understand how I loathed his unnecessary barking, and it also knew I’d give it treats if it stops. Treats definitely do the trick!