Jack Russell Howling: How to Stop?

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Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night, unable to figure out what is happening around you, only to find out that it was your Jack Russell howling to the maximum? 

You get out of your bed with your eyes half-closed, and you have no idea how to stop this noise that disturbed your deep sleep. You frantically go on Google and search about Jack Russell howling, and this is how you stumble upon this article.

In this article, we will talk about all the right, left, and center of Jack Russell’s howling. From is it even a possibility that they howl, to the reasons for their howling, and then finally the ways to stop it, will all be discussed in this article. So, keep reading to know more!


Can Jack Russells Howl?

Well, well, well, if you think that your innocent-looking Jack Russell is not capable of howling, you might be in for a surprise! Although it does vary from dog to dog, the majority of Jack Russells howl as howling is a part of their pack mentality. 

There can be several reasons behind your Jack Russell’s uncontrollable howling. But with proper practice and patience, you can develop a habit in them to minimize it.

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Why Do Jack Russells Howl?

If your Jack Russell is frequently howling, there must be a solid reason behind it. Some of the possible reasons of their howling are discussed below:


Jack Russells are an energetic breed by nature. They love to play, exercise, run around, and basically be active at all times. However, if they are unable to do so, they get extremely bored. The boredom then triggers annoyance and irritation, which causes them to howl unnecessarily. 


Jack Russells are pack animals by nature, so howling is a way of communication for them. Initially, when packs of them used to hunt together, they would howl to stay close and encourage each other. 

As a result, howling became a part of who they are. If your Jack Russell hears another dog howling at a distance, they will howl back at them, as this is their way of socializing.

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Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety is very real when it comes to Jack Russells. They are not acquainted with the idea of their owner leaving them alone at home, so howling is their way to protest against it. The howling increases in intensity when they start missing you a lot or are terrified in your absence.


Well, what is a dog with no excitement? The moment your Jack Russell gets excited, they have this sudden burst of energy within them. When they find no other way for releasing this energy, except for running around in circles, they start to howl to get some praise and doggy love from you!

Territory Marking

All dogs are known to be possessive of their territory. Jack Russells mark their territory in various ways, and one of them is howling. When they see another dog approaching close by and entering their premises, they howl to warn it to stay away. Similarly, they howl to let their owner know of any possible intruder in the boundaries.


As a dog owner, you should be sensitive about any possible issues that your Jack Russell might face, whether it be physical, mental, or emotional. 

If your Jack Russell is continuously howling, and you are not able to figure out a reason for it, maybe it is because they are ill or are in pain and are trying to convey this to you. The best you can do in this situation is to check them for any symptoms of illness or take them to the vet if required.

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How To Stop Your Jack Russell Howling?

When you figure out the reason behind your Jack Russell’s howling, it is time to look for solutions. As a dog owner, you will need to be patient throughout their practice of minimizing their howling. Some of the ways to do so are mentioned below:

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Accompany Them

There is no denying the fact that Jack Russells are hungry for attention. The moment they realize that they are being ignored, they will do all in their power to grab your attention. 

They usually do this by howling or barking, so the best way to stop them from doing this is to accompany them and make them feel important. The more attention you give to them, the less likely they are to cause any trouble!

Have A Proper Exercise Routine

When it comes to Jack Russells, nothing comes close to a good exercise routine. Since they are an active breed by nature, they love playing and exercising, and if your Jack Russell does not get enough of these both, they will get super bored.

Hence, a proper exercise routine will not only allow the both of you to bond more closely, but it will also tire out your Jack Russell, which means less howling in the night!

Address Their Issues

When your Jack Russell is howling, there must be a reason behind it. As the owner, you should look for that reason and address it instead of ignoring all their howling and expecting them to stop on their own. 

There are certain issues that your Jack Russell cannot deal with themselves, such as illness or injury, and they require your assistance for it. So if you hear them howling continuously, maybe it is time to get up and check up on them.

Hire A Dog Walker/Sitter

We understand that the only duty in your life is not to be a dog owner. You have your family, you have your social life, and you have your job. With all of these, giving your Jack Russell your undivided attention can be a bit of a hassle. 

So, it is best to hire a dog sitter or a dog walker for them. This way, they will get their intended play and exercise time, and you will get to spend your time the way you like!